Zendaya And Tom Holland’s Height Difference Made This ‘Spider-Man’ Stunt Super Tricky

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Tom Holland may have played the superhero in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” but it was Zendaya who helped her shorter co-star make a tricky landing.

During an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday, the pair explained how their height difference made one stunt in particular more complicated to execute.

“Spider-Man swings us on top of a bridge and he places me there. … So he’s supposed to gently rest MJ [Zendaya] on the bridge and walk away from her,” Zendaya said.

But according to the “Euphoria” actor, who is taller than Holland, the two were attached together for the stunt and she would land on the ground before he did.

Holland then joked that although he plays the superhero and is “supposed to look cool,” Zendaya would land on the ground first while his feet would swing from underneath him.

“And then she would catch me,” he continued, as the two stood up to demonstrate how the landing played out during filming.

Zendaya said Holland was “lovely” about the whole thing. (See the clip below.)

Outside of discussing their landing techniques for action films, the two remain relatively private about their personal lives ― especially their long-rumored romance.

Holland did discuss their off-screen relationship in a cover story for GQ’s Men of the Year issue last month, saying that fame has robbed them of their privacy.

The actor addressed paparazzi photos published over the summer that showed the pair kissing at a traffic light in Los Angeles.

“A moment that you think is between two people that love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world,” he said.

But Holland didn’t divulge much further, explaining that it wasn’t his story to tell.

“It’s our story,” he said.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” hits theaters on Dec. 17.


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