Who Will Win the ‘Genius Dog Contest?’ Watch the Competition Begin

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If you’re looking for a competition where you don’t have to worry about whether the losers will concede, you might try the Genius Dog Contest.

Starting on Wednesday at 1 p.m. Eastern time and continuing until Monday, Nov. 16, the contest, which is also a scientific experiment, will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube. It will test six of the world’s smartest dogs, found by word of mouth and social media, on their ability to learn the names of new objects.

Some dogs, like the Border collie, became famous for scientific studies that show their ability to remember words. One member of that breed, Chaser, who recently died, had learned more than 1,000 nouns.

And why stream it live? To look for new subjects. The more dogs studied, the better the science. “We hope to reach a broad audience because we think that there might be other such dogs,” Dr. Fugazza said and she hoped their owners would want them to be studied as well.

So if your dog knows the difference, by name, between one leash and another, you should definitely watch the contest. For the rest of us, who have enough trouble remembering where any leash is when we need it, this could be a glimpse of another world. Be prepared, however, this will be science, not the Puppy Bowl.

Also, as smart as they may be, the contestants will not be called on to give either victory or concession speeches, or even to know that what they think is a game is actually an experiment and contest. They are dogs, after all.


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