What’s His Dream Car? Hint: Mercedes Is His Mom’s Middle Name

The Four Percent


Roger Graham, 49, an engineer and CEO of Precision Enclosure Systems, a company that fabricates commercial metal products in Bellflower, Calif., on his 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, as told to Mike Jordan.

I wanted a supercar. I’ve been a Mercedes guy—I’ve had the S-Classes, the E-Classes—but it was time for me to step into the exotic car game, so to speak. So I was like, “Come on Roger; it’s time to hit the block.”

My first goal was to get a Lamborghini. My friend had a Murciélago, and I borrowed it, but I did a little research on it and it had maintenance issues and stuff like that. My next move was: Why not get a Ferrari? I wanted the F430, but again, I wasn’t super-impressed [after driving it].


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