Watch 20 Lions Drink Together Because Happy Hours Are Scarce

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Lions can go up to four or five days without drinking water. But in a moment captured recently at South Africa’s MalaMala Game Reserve, an entire pride appeared to be quite thirsty. (See the video below.)

Latest Sightings filmed the big cats cautiously heading toward a river one by one until about 20 were happily slurping side by side.

Latest Sightings CEO Nadav Ossendryver wrote in a July 19 blog that he and a crew had fruitlessly pursued leopard tracks for a wildlife TV show and then came upon elephants drinking and bathing in the Sand River.

But it was what he saw next that truly excited him: two ears popping out from a sandbank behind the elephants.

“We immediately knew it was a lion,” he said. “That lion came down the ridge and started drinking right in front of us.

“We looked up back on to the sandbank, and suddenly another lion popped out, and another and another! … We started hoping that they would all come down to drink in a line, as lions do on a rare occasion. Our prayers were answered!”

In 2019 a photographer hid for 36 hours to capture amazing images of a pride drinking together in the dark of night at the  Zimanga Private Game reserve in South Africa.


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