Trevor Noah Reveals Why The Right Loves ‘Osama Bin Karen’ Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has endorsed wild conspiracy theories and violence against elected officials, but “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah said she also has an “extra something” that the far-right loves.

“It’s racism,” Noah said and showed a series of clips of her insisting that white men are “the most mistreated group of people” in America today, attacking Muslims and more.

Then, there’s her anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that “Jewish space lasers” started the devastating California wildfires.

“If you were secretly starting a forest fire, why would you use a space laser when you could just use, I don’t know, matches?” Noah asked. ”It’s such a waste of a Jewish space laser. It’s like using the Death Star to make s’mores.” 

Noah also called Greene’s theory a weird way to try to win people over to anti-Semitism. 

“When I hear someone say, ‘Jews have a space laser,’ I’m like ‘Awesome ― Can I join?’” he cracked. 

But Noah was amazed by one part of her schtick. 

“It is impressive that Greene has some wild racist theory for every group,” he said. ”No wonder she got elected. ’Cuz she’s like, ’I wanna be a congresswoman for everyone. Whether you hate Jews, Blacks, Muslims or filthy Canadians, I’m on your side.’”

See his full takedown of the congresswoman he called “Osama bin Karen” below: 


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