These Are The Comfort Foods That Got Each State Through 2020

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Comfort food is generally a matter of personal preference, but it turns out there are some interesting regional trends.

The lighting retailer e-conolight released a report on Jan. 12 breaking down Americans’ favorite comfort foods by state, based on recipes with the highest Google search volume in 2020.

Grilled cheese was the most popular comfort food overall and chosen as the top pick in six states ― California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Virginia, according to e-conolight’s findings. The second most-searched comfort food was fried chicken, winning out in four states ― Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.

Close behind were chicken and waffles, chili, and pot roast. Each dish was the most-searched comfort food in three states in 2020.

Other notable findings from the report include Washington’s favorite comfort food (Swedish pancakes) and Missouri’s (baked potato soup). Interestingly, Cajun favorite jambalaya was the top-searched in Mississippi but not Louisiana.

To compile the report, the folks at e-conolight identified more than 100 foods commonly classified as “comfort foods” and then analyzed Google Trends data to see which were the most-searched across the country and in each state in the year 2020.

Visit the e-conolight website for the full report, including other comfort food breakdowns such as the most-searched main dishes, sides and desserts in each state.


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