There’s A Random Man In The Back Of A Jennifer Lopez Selfie And Now I’m Convinced She’s Living In Her Own Version Of The Movie “Parasite”

The Four Percent


Jennifer Lopez has made it extremely clear how rich she is during these quarantine times.

Whether she’s taking candid pictures in her infinity pool.

Trying to buy the Mets for billions of dollars.

Or just posting vids of her house that literally looks like the house from “Parasite.”

It’s straight up eerie how similar the two are.

If you’ve seen the movie then you know what I’m talking about.

I’m showing so many pictures of the house because it’s extremely relevant to this post.

Jennifer took a picture in her luxurious home gym.

On the surface, the picture looks like your run of the mill selfie of an ageless legend.

But zoom in a bit and shit gets weird.

Parasite spoilers ahead!!!

Has this man been living in Jennifer’s basement for years?

Does he come up from his secret lair, casually steal her food, and do the morse code on one of her infinity pool lights to keep in touch with his family?

Is Jennifer Lopez living her own version of Parasite?

We need answers.

Jennifer Lopez’ instagram

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