‘The Walls Are Closing In’: Jimmy Kimmel Spots New Signs Of Trump’s Desperation

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Jimmy Kimmel says Donald Trump may finally face prison time now that a grand jury has reportedly been convened that could indict the former president and/or those close to him. 

“Can you imagine Donald Trump on trial, putting that little orange hand on a Bible, suddenly the Bible bursts into flames, he escapes in the chaos like a Batman villain?” Kimmel asked. 

Kimmel also noted that Trump’s latest statements are not receiving much attention anymore. 

“He’s like the Instant Pot of presidents,” Kimmel said. “He still has some diehards, but most people have put him in the back of the pantry and moved on with their lives.”  

As a result, Kimmel said Trump’s team had resorted to “desperate measures” to help boost his profile. They’ve been sending supporters multiple text messages to plead for contributions and saying that if donors don’t send cash, Trump will “know you’ve abandoned him.”

“He knows you’ve abandoned him,” Kimmel said with a laugh. “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re abandoning him after 13 text messages.”

See more in Kimmel’s Wednesday night monologue:


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