The Peanut Butter Bread Recipes Everyone’s Searching For

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But a simple quickbread recipe has been making its way to the top of search engines: peanut butter bread.

According to Delish, the recipe first gained popularity in a YouTube video from Glen & Friends Cooking in the summer of 2019, wherein the hosts baked a recipe for peanut butter bread from a 1932 edition of the cookbook “Five Roses: A Guide to Good Cooking.” And from there, it skyrocketed to viral level on the Reddit community r/Old_Recipes.

For proof of how the recipe has been trending, just look at the hashtag #peanutbutterbread on Instagram for a look at home bakers’ latest creations:

Below, we’ve got five versions of peanut butter bread from some of our favorite food bloggers. Try a simple version made with bananas or really kick things up with some Nutella swirls. Get baking!


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