The Best Instant Pot Dip Recipes For The Super Bowl

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The Instant Pot (or any equivalent brand of multicooker) is often revered for its pressure cooker setting, which gives the ability to cook near the speed of sound. But don’t forget about two features that can become our best friend during any good Super Bowl party ― the slow cooker and the “keep warm” setting.

If you’ve ever baked a dish of spinach-artichoke dip in the oven and set it out on the table to serve at a party, you know how quickly a hot dip can turn cold. But if you make it in an Instant Pot, you can leave it right inside the insert on the “keep warm” setting to maintain the perfect temperature during the entire game.

Below, check out our favorite Instant Pot dips that hit all the Super Bowl flavors you’re looking for. There’s black bean dip, spinach and artichoke chip, queso, Buffalo chicken dip, caramelized onion dip and more.


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