Stephen Colbert Taunts Conservative ‘Mob Of Angry Idiots’ Over Ironic Turn Of Events

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Stephen Colbert mocked the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Tuesday for an ironic twist to its own event, which kicks off this weekend. 

“According to CPAC, it’s time to stand up for Americans whose views have gotten them canceled,” Colbert said of the group’s “America Uncanceled” event. “Which is why they kicked things off by canceling an appearance from one of their panelists for a history of making anti-Semitic claims.” 

Young Pharaoh was booted from the event for claiming, among other things, that Judaism doesn’t exist.

“Yes, conservatives would never doubt the existence of Jewish people,” Colbert cracked. “Otherwise, who’s operating the space laser?” 

Colbert also said there was a reason right-wingers wouldn’t want those views expressed at their conference. 

“It could sully the good name of the mob with aluminum bats trying to murder Mike Pence,” he said. 

Check out his full monologue below: 


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