‘SNL’ Goat Boy Rants About ‘The Beast,’ Barks Like Seal In Wild Anti-Vax Rant

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So, this is how Goat Boy is doing these days. 

Comic and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Jim Breuer appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News Wednesday night to defend his decision to refuse to perform in venues with a vaccination requirement.

It got weird in a hurry. 

Breuer said his fans were upset that venues had such requirements for entry. 

“It’s like feeding the seal with fish, ’Hey, you wanna come see a concert?” he said, then mimicked a seal’s bark. 

“Exactly,” Carlson agreed. 

“I don’t want any of my fans forced to come laugh and they gotta get a shot in them?” Breuer said. He added that a “new narrative” had formed around the shot and those who have refused it.

“The new narrative is: The unvaccinated are the Beast,” he said. “Kill the Beast!” 

Carlson again agreed: “Exactly.” 

Then Breuer raised his voice and gestured wildly.

“Kill the Beast! The Beast is the unvaccinated! Kill them!” Breuer, who is not vaccinated, said. “You’re not going to tell me about my body. I know my body. I know my morals, I know my faith.”  

To cap it off, Breuer said the push to vaccinate people to protect them against the coronavirus wasn’t about safety. If it was, he insisted, the advice would be to eat more fruit and go to the gym.

“This isn’t political,” Breuer claimed later in the segment. “This is good versus evil.” 

“I can see why your fans are grateful,” Carlson summed up. “I mean here you are talking like an American man. Where are the rest of the American men?”


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