Seth Meyers Reels Off Very Long List Of Warnings Trump Received About Coronavirus

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Seth Meyers on Wednesday explained why President Donald Trump’s oft-repeated claim that nobody foresaw a pandemic ― like the coronavirus outbreak engulfing the globe ― simply isn’t true.

The “Late Night” host noted the numerous times that Trump and members of his administration were specifically warned about the threat of such a pandemic, and the possible public health and economic consequences.

First, Obama officials walk Trump aids through a global pandemic exercise in 2017.

Then, in 2017 and 2018, threat assessment intelligence analysts even mentioned a close cousin of coronavirus by name saying it had pandemic potential.

Then in 2018, the director for medical and biodefense preparedness at the National Security Council told a symposium that the threat of pandemic flu is our number one health security concern.

Then top administration officials said last year that the threat of a pandemic kept them up at night.

Then, White House economists warned in 2019 a pandemic could devastate America.

Then, intelligence reports warned of a coronavirus crisis as early as November.

And then, U.S. intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely pandemic.

“Well, you know, the saying: ‘Eight strikes and you’re out,’” said Meyers. “Seriously, how many incredibly specific warnings do you need?”

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“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” meanwhile, used Twitter to turn one of Trump’s own claims against him, posting a single word above each news report documenting the threat.

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