Seth Meyers Loses It After Joke About Trump Moving Out Gets A Real-World Spin

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Seth Meyers couldn’t contain the giggles on “Late Night” Thursday after his writers came up with some comedic material that turned out to hit a bit too close to home.

“I sure hope someone is watching [President Donald Trump] pack because he’s definitely going to try to steal stuff,” Meyers said. ”‘Sir, why is the bust of Lincoln being packed away?’”

“Uh, what? No, this is mine from home,” Meyers replied in his best Trump impersonation.

Meyers said his team wrote the joke in the morning and as often happens in the Trump administration, something similar went down in the afternoon. He then cut to CNN footage showing White House staffers removing items from the building, including economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who was carrying what looked like a bust of Abraham Lincoln out of the West Wing.


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