Sean Penn Tells Sean Hannity ‘I Don’t Trust Ya’ And Surreal Talk About Trust Ensues

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Actor Sean Penn told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he didn’t trust him on Tuesday, sparking an awkward dialogue about, well, trust. (Watch below at the 7:30 mark.)

The surreal conversation between the political opposites began with the primary reason for Penn’s visit on “Hannity” ― to stir support for Ukrainians fighting against Russian invaders.

Penn, who’s been traveling in and out of the conflict to shoot a documentary, has urged billionaires to provide Ukraine with fighter jets and missile defense technology.

Hannity asked Penn to recall what the Oscar-winning actor had said when he first called him to learn more about his documentary.

“I said that I don’t trust ya,” Penn replied.

“Is there a reason you didn’t trust me?” asked Hannity, one of the prominent faces of a network that has spewed false takes on the Capitol riot, COVID-19 vaccines and efforts to educate children about racism.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of reasons I don’t trust you,” Penn said, noting that there’s “so many people that don’t trust their spouse, and yet we’ve gotta get on with life.”

“We all talk about how divisive things are, how divided things are here,” he continued. “But when you step into a country of such incredible unity [like Ukraine], you realize what we’ve all been missing. And I don’t think that I’ve got time to indulge my lack of trust, which becomes a petty thing.”

Penn went on to share his observations about the crisis in Ukraine. Toward the end of the interview, Hannity asked the “Mystic River” star if he had won his trust somewhat.

“There’s a lot of physical therapy necessary after a big car accident,” Penn explained with a laugh. “You don’t get it all done in a day.”


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