‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Romance In The Age Of Coronavirus In Soap Opera Spoof

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“Saturday Night Live” host Daniel Craig and Kate McKinnon had fun with maintaining “social distance” and spraying antiseptic in a sketch about soap opera love in the coronavirus era.

The bit from spoof “Sands of Modesto” begins with a message from producers warning that “the staging of certain scenes has been altered for the actors’ safety” from the disease.

The couple soldiers on in their romantic scenes. Craig caresses her with a fake arm from several feet away, he and McKinnon kiss through Plexiglas, and they are about to make love through plastic wrap — when Craig’s former wife (Cecily Strong) turns up. The scene implodes when Strong sneezes, and the actors head for the door.

In a separate jab at coronavirus fears, Rachel Dratch is back in another sketch as her old character Debbie Downer. This time, she shows up at a wedding reception in a gas mask.

It goes downhill from there.

Check out “Sands of Modesto” in the video above, and Debbie Downer here:


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