Sarah Michelle Gellar Wears Iconic ‘Buffy’ Dress 23 Years Later And It’s A Slay

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No need to beep her ― the apocalypse is already here and Sarah Michelle Gellar is slaying in some “Buffy” fashions of yesteryear. 

The actor took a stroll down memory lane and into her closet to pull out one of her alter-ego’s most iconic looks. 

On Thursday, Gellar shared a photo of herself on Instagram in the stunning white gown that the vampire slayer wore during the first season’s final episode, “Prophecy Girl,” all the way back in 1997. 

“All dressed up and no where to go. ‘I say we party,’” she wrote alongside the photo, adding the hashtags #safeathome and #prophecygirl.

Fans will, of course, remember the dress as the one Buffy wore when she met her maker (for the first time, anyway) after confronting the season’s big bad, The Master.

If you still don’t remember, perhaps the peak Buffy retort, “I may be dead but I’m still pretty,” might jog your memory. 

The newly pink-haired Gellar confirmed that the gown was indeed the same one she wore two decades ago in the WB series, responding “you know it” when one follower asked, “Omg is that THE dress?!?”

But she hinted that it was likely the only outfit she has left from the series, telling a different fan requesting a weekly fashion show that the look “might be all I have.”

No word, however, if the leather jacket was pulled from Buffy’s closet or her own.

The coronavirus lockdown appears to have Gellar feeling nostalgic, as she’s kept the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” content coming on social media as of late, posting a photo of herself holding a giant wooden stake in March.

But don’t expect Gellar to reprise her role anywhere else besides her Instagram page. She told HuffPost last year that seven seasons playing Buffy were enough for her, even as a reboot of the series was in development.

“My story with Buffy about representing horrors of adolescence has been told,” she said. “If there’s another story to tell, I think that’s awesome and will only eventually trace back to the original and people will probably realize that [whispers] it’s not as good.”

“If there’s more story to tell, then tell it,” Gellar added. “But it just won’t be told with me.”


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