Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals How The Infamous Rudy Giuliani Stunt Almost Went Wrong

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On Monday, Cohen told “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert that he was hiding in a specially built “hideaway” for the scene, but had to scramble to get inside it when Giuliani’s security came in to sweep the room before the interview with actor Maria Bakalova, who portrays Borat’s daughter in the movie. Once inside the hideaway, the only way to communicate and know when to leave was via text, except someone forgot to check the cellphone’s battery: 

Giuliani, who serves as personal attorney to President Donald Trump, was caught on camera being more than a little creepy with Bakalova. At one point, he even placed his hands down his pants. The former mayor said he was tucking his shirt in.

Trump called Cohen a “creep” for the stunt and said he’s not funny. 

Cohen replied by offering him a job:

“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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