‘Revolting’: Trump Gets Holy Hell On Twitter For Using Bible As Photo-Op Prop

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President Donald Trump is getting called out on social media after posing in front of a church with a Bible ― a photo-op possible only after police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters to clear the area. 

Trump then walked through a phalanx of police and Secret Service officers to reach St. John’s Episcopal Church, which was vandalized during the civil unrest over the weekend sparked by the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Bishop Mariann Budde, leader of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, which owns the church, expressed “outrage” at the president’s appearance there and vowed to disassociate the church from his actions.

She was hardly alone.  

On Twitter, critics from across the political spectrum quickly tore into the president for his use of a Bible as a “prop” for his photo-op:  


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