Moms Guilt-Trip Kids Who Won’t Be Home For The COVID Holidays On ‘SNL’

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In a series of hilarious and touching  Zoom chats on “Saturday Night Live,” adult children tell their moms they won’t be home for the holidays because of the pandemic.

The moms take it pretty well — not.

“Oh, honey, you do not need to come home for Christmas. I just want you to be safe,” mom Heidi Gardner gently tells her daughter, played by Lauren Holt. “And I guess since you won’t be coming, I’ll just throw your stocking in the fire.”

She soon has everything her daughter owns, including an old track trophy, that she vows to give away to charity

When mom Punkie Johnson gets the news from her daughter (Ego Nwodim), she snaps: “Let’s talk about this later — when you’ve change your damn mind.”

Mom Kate McKinnon says matter-of-factly to her daughter (Chloe Fineman): “If you don’t love me, Marie, just say so.” Marie’s dad (Jason Bateman) pipes in: “Is your heart not working, baby? This is your mother here.”

They all eventually settle down because they know staying home is the safest decision.

The sketch concludes with the message on screen: “Someday soon we will all be together. Stay safe, from SNL.”


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