Mick Jagger Gets Satisfaction Out Of His Incognito Instagram Posts

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Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger seems to get as much satisfaction from Instagram as performing in concert.

But the difference is, a lot of his social media posts are moments when he’s incognito, such as earlier this year when he posted a photo of himself drinking a beer at a Charlotte, North Carolina, bar, without being recognized by any of the patrons.

According to The Washington Post, Jagger uses Instagram as a way to avoid being “stuck in a hotel room watching TV.”

“I mean, it gives you a bit of a funny thing. Oh, that’ll make a good picture, that’s hilarious,” he said while emphasizing that not every picture gets posted. “I don’t publish them all. Some of them are just too weird. But you do see odd things and you meet people and you say hello.”

Jagger does do a little advance planning ― especially if he is only going to be in a town for a few days.

“Because each town has something of great interest, whether it’s a beautiful park, or a lovely picture, or a museum that’s interesting to you, or some odd thing that you never thought of,” he said.

Although the singer does bring along security on his jaunts ― and sometimes a fellow musician ― he wears a hat and, thanks to COVID-19, a mask to avoid being recognized, but adds that “most of the places I go aren’t super crowded.”

However, he admits that his social media strolls rarely involve his longtime songwriting partner, Keith Richards.

“I think he has a different approach to how he handles being on tour. I mean, he does occasionally go out to eat,” he said.

Read the complete Washington Post story.


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