Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Theory Receives Holy Hell On Twitter

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) spun a new conspiracy theory this week that combines capitalism, communism, fascism, corporations, the coronavirus vaccine, the biblical apocalypse and President Joe Biden in one extremely hard-to-follow narrative. 

Greene, who is known as the “QAnon Congresswoman” for her embrace of wild conspiracy theories, railed against the notion of “vaccine passports.” That’s a proposal for a form of ID to prove that someone has been inoculated against the coronavirus before traveling or attending certain events.

“Is this something like Biden’s mark of the beast because that is really disturbing and not good,” she said in a rambling Facebook Live video, referring to an apocalyptic prophecy from the Book of Revelation in the Bible:

Greene also warned that “big, powerful corporations” would enforce those passports.

“It’s still fascism. Or communism. Whatever you want to call it, but it’s coming from private companies,” she said. “I have a term for that, I call it ‘corporate communism.’”

She said companies thrive on capitalism but are also “adapting these communist policies just like the Democrats are and they are pushing them on us through their private companies.” 

On social media, Greene’s critics had a devil of a time figuring out what the hell she was talking about. Then, they broke out some digital fire and brimstone: 

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