Marc Maron says Netflix had concerns about hiring Lynn Shelton to direct his comedy special

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Actor-comedian Marc Maron has revealed that while setting up his 2017 comedy special at Netflix, he wanted his late girlfriend and acclaimed filmmaker Lynn Shelton to come on board as the director, but the streaming platform’s team had doubts. Maron and Shelton were living together when she passed away from an unidentified blood disorder in May at the age of 55. Shelton worked with Maron on features “Outside In” and “Sword of Trust,” and also directed select episodes of Netflix series “Glow.” Maron said Netflix was concerned about Shelton’s lack of experience ind irecting a comedy special. “I told Netflix I wanted her to direct it. They were concerned that she had never directed a comedy special. I’m like, ‘She’s done seven movies! You think this is rocket science?’ She’d already made ‘Outside In,’ and that’s a little masterpiece. “But she was pretty humble. She got what she wanted as an artist from realizing her vision. Her focus was on the work. But half of this game, for most of us, is getting it out there and that’s the hardest part,” Maron told the New York Times.

The actor said he warned the streamer of turning down the special if they didn’t agree to have Shelton join in as the director. “I told my manager I won’t do the special if she can’t direct it. And they came back with, they’re also going to put another director who’s directed specials with her, to guide her through the process. “And I said to my manager, that’s not a great look. Especially if they pull out some dude. You’re going to have some guy teach her? That’s ridiculous. Just let her direct it herself. And that’s all.” Maron managed to get Shelton on board and the comedy special premiered on Netflix in September 2017.


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