Lovers Take It Way Too Slow In Hilarious ‘Saturday Night Live’ Music Video

The Four Percent


“Saturday Night Live” musical guest Halsey joined in on the fun in a video featuring guys going way too slow to please their partners — and singing an extremely slow R&B song about it.

“Tonight’s the night we’ll go all the way,” croons Halsey on the phone to her guy.

“You know I’m gonna take my time,” sings Chris Redd. I’m “gonna make that lovin’ last all night.”

Everything about Adam Driver is in slo-mo in the sketch, and his muse is a singing turtle. “Ima Ima Ima take it slooow,” he sings as Heidi Gardner rolls her eyes waiting for him to consummate a kiss. “You know I’m throbbin’ slow … slow, like I got nowhere to go.”

“Could you speed it up for me?” sings a frustrated Halsey.


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