Lorde Got Day-Drunk With Seth Meyers And We’re Cracking Up

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Lorde joined Seth Meyers on his recurring “Late Night” segment where he day drinks with his guests, and the result was… absolute hilarity.

In her Wednesday appearance, the singer ― who just released another single from her upcoming album “Solar Power” ― accepted Meyers’ offerings of drinks based on her songs. In addition to a truly disgusting concoction involving iced coffee, Red Bull, espresso beans and Four Loko inspired by her single “Solar Power,” Meyers also made her a drink with some sort of gin and a barbecue-rib garnish to honor her 2013 song “Ribs.”

The highlight of the segment came from Lorde explaining that her full name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, which gave rise to a drinking game where any time she asked Meyers what her name was, he’d have to answer correctly or drink. If Meyers got the name correct, Lorde would drink. Later on in the segment, Lorde says: “I don’t know, I’ve watched this before. Like, ‘Who knows? Are they drunk?’ But I’m drunk.”

A painting contest also ensued, as well as a bizarre and mildly sad rendition of Lorde’s “Green Light” performed by Meyers.

You can watch the entire thing above. We’re going to go Seamless some ribs.


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