Larry David Opens Up About Bonkers Trump Moment: ‘What In God’s Name Was That?’

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Larry David is still trying to figure out why President Donald Trump tweeted a clip from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” that was done to mock both the president and his campaign’s signature red hats. 

“What in God’s name was that?” David told The New York Times. “That was crazy, crazy. I don’t understand it. I still don’t get it.”

In February, Trump shared a clip of an angry biker who became friendly when David put on a red “Make America Great Again” cap. 

“TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!” the president tweeted.

But the episode actually mocked the hats, with David putting one on as a “people repellent” whenever he wanted to get out of social situations. 

David told the Times’ Maureen Dowd how he was spending his days in isolation from coronavirus at his home in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles. And once again, Trump figured into the equation.

“That’s the hardest thing about the day, watching what comes out of this guy’s mouth,” he said, adding:

“It turns you into a maniac because you’re yelling at the television. All of a sudden, you find yourself screaming, like I used to do on the streets of New York, pre-‘Seinfeld,’ when I saw happy couples on the street.”

Read the full interview here.

The co-creator of “Seinfeld” said he shares one hope with Trump: that coronavirus could mean the end of the handshake. Trump, a self-described germaphobe, has in the past dismissed handshakes as “disgusting” and “one of the curses of American society,” according to Politico.

Last month, Trump predicted that as a result of the pandemic, “maybe people aren’t going to be shaking hands anymore.” He also said infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told him that ending the practice would cut the risk of flu as well, USA Today noted at the time.

“This might be the only thing I’ve ever agreed with Trump about, we should put an end to the shake,” David told The Times, then cracked: “You know, we might as well end intercourse while we’re at it. That’s always been a lot of trouble.”

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