Larry David Had Cafe Chat With James Corden Right Out Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

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James Corden discovered that running into Larry David at a restaurant could be just as nutty as David’s fictional encounters on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” (Watch the video below.)

David visited “The Late Late Show” Thursday to promote another season of his comedy and noted that the two saw each other at Sunday breakfast recently. David was with his dog and Corden was dining with his wife and children.

“I had the option in my head after I spotted you, should I go over and say hello or should I kinda sneak out the way I normally would and just pretend I didn’t see him?” David explained.

“I came to the table and I said hello and tell me if i didn’t stay the exact right amount of time,” the “Seinfeld” creator continued. “I didn’t go over one second.”

Corden, who also wondered if he should greet David before he stopped by, praised David’s “mental clock” and his “beautiful dog,” which apparently charmed the kids.

The talk show host recalled: “You said, ‘Well, have a great breakfast,’ and then you leant into me and you went, ‘Look at that ― the exact perfect stop and chat.’”

David’s real-life dining quirks are legendary, so Corden may have gotten off easy.


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