‘Kamala Harris’ Slaps ‘Mike Pence’ In Blow For Voters In ‘SNL’ Cold Open

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Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris struck a blow for election legitimacy as she slapped Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) across the face when he challenged the vote in the cold open of “Saturday Night Live.”

“How did you even get into the White House?” Bennett asked as Rudolph strode in while he was being vaccinated against COVID-19 in a recreation of his actual injection on live TV.

She snapped: “I won more votes.”

As for his shot, “Pence” noted: “I’m sure all Americans are excited to see me, a guy who let COVID spread everywhere, get one of the first vaccines.”

“Joe Biden” stumbled in with his cane and medical boot before doing a somersault a la Willy Wonka. He was played for the first time by Alex Moffat since Jim Carrey tweeted Saturday that he had ended his six-week stint playing the president-elect.

“You look different somehow,” Bennett’s Pence noticed.

Kate McKinnon’s wacky Rudy Giuliani suddenly popped up because he heard there were “free meds.” “Rudy” was again leaking what appeared to be hair dye down his face. “I think my bodily fluids are trying to distance themselves from me,” McKinnon said.

Check it all out in the video up top.


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