Jumpsuits Cost Ski Jumpers Their Winter Olympic Spots

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The International Ski Federation says five jumpers were disqualified from the mixed team competition at the Beijing Olympics because their jumpsuits were too big and offered an aerodynamic advantage.

FIS says no one filed an official protest after the jumpsuits were inspected during the competition.

German silver medalist Katharina Althaus and Japanese star Sara Takanashi were among the five women whose suits violated rules in the Olympic debut of an event that featured two women and two men on each team.

Slovenia won gold on Monday night while Russia and Canada earned silver and bronze in surprises as four nations expected to contend for medals were hurt by the disqualifications.

FIS says the suits that violated rules were produced exclusively for the Olympics and were not tested in advance, an opportunity that just a few nations took advantage of before arriving in Beijing.

Norway had two jumpers, Silje Opseth and Anna Odine Stroem, with jumpsuits that didn’t pass inspection. Austria’s Daniela Iraschko Stolz was also disqualified.


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