Jon Lovitz’s Alan Dershowitz Goes To Hell To Meet ‘Huge Fan’ Lucifer On ‘SNL’

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After a holiday break, “Saturday Night Live” was back bigger and badder than ever to send returning cast member Jon Lovitz as Alan Dershowitz straight to hell.

The cold open starts at the Senate impeachment trial where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) tells GOP Maine Sen. Susan Collins (Cecily Strong) that the Republicans are simply requesting a fair proceeding: “No witnesses, no evidence.”

That’s when the “star defense attorney” pops up, apparently suffers a heart attack and lands in Lucifer Kate McKinnon’s lair.

“Oh my God — sorry, oh my gosh — look at that, frigging Alan Dershowitz!” gushes the devil, who reassures him he’s not dying. “Honestly, I just really wanted to meet you. I’m a huge fan.”

Adam Driver’s Jeffrey Epstein, who was “just hangin’,” stops by to greet his former attorney. “All we get down here is Fox News, and it’s been a joy to see you work,” he tells Dershowitz regarding his support for Donald Trump.  Epstein is joined by the damned Mr. Peanut and Bowen Yang playing the creator of “Baby Shark.”

McConnell drops in so he can use the “sauna.” Dershowitz tells McKinnon: “I always suspected you were a woman.” Driver’s Epstein pipes up: “To me, the devil is a woman my own age.”

Alex Moffat’s Mark Zuckerberg is on the scene doing the devil’s work, fixing her TVs so she can watch the impeachment trial. “I don’t endorse evil, I just help millions of people share it,” Moffat says.

Check out the clip up top.


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