Jimmy Kimmel Shows How Trump, Fox News Could Make Coronavirus Worse All Over Again

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Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night showed how the anti-science rhetoric of Fox News and former President Donald Trump has caused a number of Republicans to reject the coronavirus vaccine. 

Scientists hope the vaccines will help the nation beat the virus and restore normalcy, but it won’t work if too many people refuse it. A poll released last week showed that 41 percent of Republicans overall and 49 percent of Republican men said they won’t get it. 

“In fairness, they have been fed so much nonsense from their ‘Fox & Friends,’” Kimmel said, then summed up the constant mixed messages:

“This is what they’ve heard: The pandemic isn’t a big deal, it’ll wash away, it’s no worse than the flu, but it was created by China to destroy us. Which is it? Is Trump not getting the credit he deserves for manufacturing the vaccine or is this how Bill Gates controls our minds?” 

“No wonder they’re hesitant,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host concluded. “I’d be hesitant, too, if everything I was told contradicted everything else I was told.”  

Trump received his vaccination in secret earlier this year. 

On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert who serves as President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, called on Trump to encourage his supporters to get vaccinated. 

“It seems absolutely inevitable that the vast majority of people who are his close followers would listen to him,” said Fauci.

“He probably will,” Kimmel said, then added, in case the sarcasm wasn’t obvious: “He generally does the right thing.” 

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