Jimmy Kimmel Rips ‘Desperate’ Ted Cruz By Exposing His Biggest Hypocrisy Yet

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Jimmy Kimmel returned to an old nemesis on Wednesday night, accusing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of hypocrisy for supporting pop superstar Britney Spears, who is waging a legal battle to end her conservatorship and regain control over her life and finances. 

“I, myself, count myself emphatically in the ‘free Britney’ camp,” Cruz declared in a clip Kimmel aired.

“Since when is Ted Cruz in favor of women making their own decisions?” Kimmel said of the senator, who has spent his career fighting against abortion rights. 

“That’s a new one,” Kimmel added. “He is so desperate to get one celebrity to like him. I mean, forget it, Ted.” 

Check it out in his Wednesday night monologue: 


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