Irvine Stand-Up Comedian Zara Khan Organizes Online Comedy Show

The Four Percent


Zara Khan, Irvine

Orange Coast shares stories of how people in our county connected and coped in the early days of COVID-19: tales from the helpers and heroes, tips for surviving stay-at-home orders, shifts local businesses made to adapt, advice going forward, and a community displaying hope and resolve. You’ll find plenty of reasons to be proud of where we live and how we’re rising together.

“Before this, I would go out to perform five or six times a week, and now I’m home every night,” says Zara Khan. “I realized that a lot of comedians, the ones that aren’t big enough to have Netflix specials, are really struggling since everything is shut down. I organized an online comedy show this past week over Zoom and Facebook Live. I was able to get some really big headliners, so I was really excited about that. People like Tamer Kattan, Andy Erikson, Anthony Davis, and Mona Shaikh. We also got quite a few donations, so I (was able to) pay the comedians, too. Stephen Colbert once said, ‘You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time,’ and that resonates with me. Humor has such a healing component. It’s good for the spirit.”

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