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The Four Percent


How do you spend your free time? Do you know listening to podcasts is entertaining and educative? Podcasts are about fifteen years old, but 2020 is the year the platform grew. Now every comedian and celebrity post conversations they have with their friends. It is not an alarming trend, but we appreciate this type of content. Podcasts offer great company to those who feel that calling their pals is draining.

Below is a list of podcasts by Dissertation Team that can brighten up your day.

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Why Won’t You Date Me?

The host of this podcast is Nicole Byer. Despite being smart, she is terminally single, hilarious, and beautiful. The intention of the podcast is for her to find the bottom line of the question. Every week, Nicole invites her friends and other comedians to inquire why they cannot date her. The topic is her area of expertise. When she finds guests who match her energy, the show becomes a bomb. I suggest you start listening to the episode Having Sex in Tandem.

The Read

The read is for those who are not into hip-hop gossips and celebrity talk. The hosts of this podcast are New York transplants Crissle and Kid Fury. The two are bloggers and use their time on the podcast to unleash their frustrations on pop culture stars and New York. You can start listening to the episode Homecoming Thrones.

Bodega Boys

The show is suitable for those who like conversations between comedians that are laid-back. The show’s content is uncut and pure. However, in this podcast, The Kid Mero and Desus Nice have no guests. Instead, they talk about life and pop culture till they feel that they are satisfied. The episodes of the show run for about two hours. The topics may range from Illuminati to OJ and the host’s favorite stories. I recommend you start with the episode on Ur Fav is Problematic.

Office Ladies

The hosts of this podcast are Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer. The show is mainly for comfort-watching during tough times. The two hosts team up to discuss nine seasons of the podcast while reflecting on the unique person or cast.

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

The hosts of this podcast are Christine Schiefer and Alex. The two are not only comedians but also siblings. They focus on reading bad reviews from the web in dramatic ways. Here, you can begin listening to the Private Investigators episode.

Handsome Rambler

Hannibal Buress is the host of the podcast. The podcast is not only for listening, but you can also watch it. Buress is a comedian with lots of humor as he does the podcast on the road. He calls it a comedy tour. The podcast topics are from Hannibal’s favorite sport, relationships, and sex, to pro wrestling. You can start listening or watching from the Eric Andre episode.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Celebrity podcasts come with two attitudes to the listeners. It is either like a novel where you get to listen to and know celebrities or discover good stuff then ruin it. The host in this podcast invites guests who indulge with him in deep conversations. The topics are outstanding and worth the time the show runs. You can begin listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s episode.

Entry Level

The podcast is suitable for those aching souls who are on the brink of dead-end jobs. Brooks Wheelan is the host of this podcast. The guests of this show range from musicians to comedians to the entire entertainment industry. It gives hope when you listen to stories from people who have other employment nightmares. It is good to listen to this podcast while commuting to or from work.

Good For You

The owner or host of the podcast is Whitney Cummings, who is also on Two Broke Girls. She interviews interesting people, celebrities, and some of her friends. She has an engaging and vulnerable way of interviewing people that makes the conversations she has with her guests. You can start to listen from the episode she is with Andrew Yang.

How Did This Get Made?

It is a hilarious podcast that focuses on analyzing movies that they consider terrible. The podcast features Jason Mantzoukas, June Diane Raphael, and Paul Scheer. You will find this funny as you also beg to ask how different movies get to the screens.

Podcasts are here to stay and keep us company. Some brighten up our days while others educate us on all changing trends all over the world.



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