Howard Stern Rips ‘Douchebag’ Kyrie Irving Over Vaccine: ‘Top Idiot In The Country’

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Radio icon Howard Stern tore into Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving for refusing to get vaccinated to protect against the coronavirus.

“In terms of idiots, he’s gotta be the top idiot in the country right now,” Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday. “Guy’s got a chance as a young man to make millions of dollars, all he’s got to do is get vaccinated, but he doesn’t want to get vaccinated.”

Irving won’t be with the team because it plays in New York City, which has a vaccine mandate that includes pro athletes who play indoors. He’s eligible for at least some road games, but the Nets have said he won’t play in those, either.

Irving will forfeit about half of his $35 million salary but he said last week it’s not about the money.

“I am doing what’s best for me,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

Stern’s co-host, Robin Quivers, asked if he knew Irving’s reason for refusing the shot.

“He doesn’t need a reason, just that he’s stupid. Because this guy’s got a history of being stupid,” Stern said. “He’s one of these guys, he’s a flat-earther, too.”

Stern also praised Irving’s team.

“I don’t know who runs the Brooklyn Nets, but I wish they were running the country,” Stern said. “I love this. Basically saying, ‘Listen, douchebag. You’ve got to do what is right, that’s it.’”

Stern has repeatedly ripped those who’ve openly opposed the vaccine, and last month blamed anti-vaxxer “imbeciles” for “clogging” hospitals after refusing the shot and getting sick.

“Stay home. Die there with your COVID,” Stern said. “Don’t take the cure, but don’t clog up our hospitals with your COVID when you finally get it. Don’t bother with science, it’s too late. Go fuck yourself ― we just don’t have time for you.”


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