How To Get Trump To Wear A Mask: Tell Him It’s A Border Wall For His Face, Trevor Noah Urges

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The only way anyone is going to get Donald Trump — who’s “all about appearance” — to wear a face mask to protect against COVID-19 is to “trick him, like he’s a child,“ Trevor Noah declared Monday on “The Daily Social Distancing Show.”

“No, Mr. President, it’s not a mask. It’s a border wall for your face,” said Noah, pretending to be one of Trump’s aides. He imagines Trump responding: “So viruses are like the Mexicans of germs. I got it!” 

Then Noah delved deeply into how not to make a face mask at home.

Earlier in the work-from-home edition of “The Daily Show,” Noah presented clips showing people ignoring social distancing guidelines, including an Ohio woman who attended a church service. She explained she wasn’t worried because she was “covered in Jesus’s blood.”

“People, just because Jesus is on your side, doesn’t mean you can’t get sick,” Noah warned. “Don’t forget, Jesus was on Jesus’s side — and he died!”

Noah said he was baffled that some of the same people who are convinced Jesus is on their side still feel better stocking up on guns.

Check it out the video up top.


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