Here’s How TikTok Made Me Buy A Tiny Waffle Maker

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When the blue light goes off, you’re ready to rumble. Add your waffle batter or whatever other creative ingredients you can think of. A waffle should cook in about three or four minutes. As I said, there’s not a timer or temperature setting on the device (we’re talking about a $9 waffle maker here), so keep your eye on it while your food is cooking and make sure to unplug it the moment you’re done. If you don’t like your waffles super brown, you can set a timer for around two minutes to make sure they won’t overcook. If you’re cooking with raw meat or eggs, you should use a food thermometer to make sure everything is fully cooked before you start snacking.

Like others on TikTok, I’ve had the best time sticking all sorts of food in my mini waffle maker. I’ve made late-night quesadillas, crispy waffled mac and cheese with leftovers and even fried avocados. Every time, the machine only takes a few minutes to cook and leaves me with warm, crispy crunchy snacks.

Once the waffle maker cools off, it’s super easy to clean. (There are even TikToks about that.) You can wipe it down with a wet paper towel or sponge before storing it. Again, as this is a budget device, I recommend being gentle with it. Try not to drop it, soak it or pull too hard on the cord.

Some reviews say these machines don’t stand the test of time, which frankly isn’t too surprising. I’m not banking on passing this $9 waffle machine to my great-grandchildren as a family heirloom in 80 years; I’m just trying to make some mini waffles and hand-held egg sammies.

For quick breakfasts on the go and fun late-night snacks, a mini waffle maker is 10/10. It heats up fast, cleans easily and can be used to make all sorts of hand-held delights. Get one for yourself! You won’t regret it.

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