‘Fake Melania’ Tells Stephen Colbert The Dirty Trump Joke She’s Planned For RNC Speech

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Actor Laura Benanti returned to “The Late Show” as Melania Trump on Tuesday night, previewing the first lady’s speech in support of President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.  

Stephen Colbert and Benanti spoke about the first lady’s widely panned makeover of the White House Rose Garden, from where she plans to speak during the RNC. 

“The changes were pretty extreme,” Colbert said. “You really did clear out the most colorful foliage.”

“I used my own technique called reverse Marie Kondo,” Benanti replied. “I look at something and if it sparks joy, I kill it.”

She also told Colbert that Trump reminded her of a rose. 

“Because they’re romantic?” Colbert asked.

“No,” she said, then offered up a joke about the presidential privates that she quickly wrote down to add to her speech:


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