‘Crushing Humiliation!’ Colbert Taunts Trump And Republicans Over Latest Defeat

The Four Percent


Stephen Colbert was only too happy to share the news that the Arizona audit is not only complete, but that Donald Trump lost.

“This audit is a crushing humiliation for the GOP,” Colbert said, noting that Joe Biden not only won the audit, but by an even larger margin.

“Wow!” Colbert said, then made a crack referring to one of Trump’s signature lines: “He really did get tired of winning.” 

Colbert noted that audit was run by Republicans, who hired “MAGA fans” with a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist serving as CEO, yet Trump still lost.

“That’s like hiring your mom to judge the handsomest boy contest, and still losing to a 78-year-old guy from Delaware,” Colbert joked. 

See more in his Monday night monologue:


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