Comedian Torches Anti-Vaxxer In The Audience With An Absolutely Killer Line

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British comedian Jimmy Carr jabbed an anti-vax member of his audience with a killer punchline about the coronavirus shot.

“Let’s talk about the controversial thing, the vaccine,” Carr said in a preview of his upcoming Netflix special “His Dark Material” released this week.

“Who’s not going to take the vaccine because they think it might be dangerous?” he asked. “Raise your hands.”

Then, in response to someone in the audience who apparently did raise their hand, Carr delivered the punchline:

“Now take that hand, and slap yourself in the fucking face.”

“The spread of COVID was directly linked to how dense the population is,” Carr said later. “And some of the population are really quite fucking dense.”

And Carr’s bit from the same show on mansplaining here:

His Dark Material” is released on Netflix on Dec. 25.


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