Chuck Woolery Changes Stance On COVID-19 ‘Lies’ After Son Tests Positive

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Chuck Woolery had a change of heart this week about COVID-19 after his own son tested positive for the coronavirus.

On Sunday, the former game show host claimed all the news about the coronavirus were “lies” simply meant to keep the economy from recovering before November.

The tweet was retweeted more than 36,000 times, including one time by President Donald Trump.

CBS reporter Catherine Herridge asked the president why he would promote something that suggested his own medical officials were lying.

“I didn’t make a comment,” Trump responded, according to The Hill. “I reposted a tweet that a lot of people feel. But all I am doing is making a comment. I’m just putting somebody’s voice out there. There are many voices. There are many people that think we shouldn’t do this kind of testing, because all we do, it’s a trap.”

By Monday afternoon, Woolery reversed his opinion about the threat of the virus after his own son tested positive for the disease.

Woolery has since deleted his Twitter account and has not provided any medical updates on his son, according to Snopes.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the days Woolery tweeted.


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