Chris Noth Talking About His Favorite ‘Sex & The City’ Scene Is A Gas

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Turns out the man behind Mr. Big was more into the silly moments on “Sex & The City” than the, uh, sex.

Chris Noth spoke with Kelly Clarkson on her show this week and regaled viewers with some of his favorite moments from the iconic HBO series. Noth portrayed Mr. Big aka John James Preson ― the on-and-off love interest of main character Carrie Bradshaw, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker ― in the series and, later, both “Sex & The City” films.

“My favorite [scene] was when [Carrie] farted in bed,” said Noth, without hesitation. “I insisted on doing the sound to get it right because I’m an expert in farts.” 

Through laughs, Clarkson quipped that Noth is still a “boy” and a “child at heart.”

Noth was referencing was a moment in the penultimate episode of the first season. Carrie farts in bed with Mr. Big, whom she has been dating for awhile. Nestling under the covers to hide her mortification, Mr. Big jokes that it “might be worse under there.” You can watch the scene here:  

Noth added that he’s also partial to the episode “Cock a Doodle Do!,” the Season 3 finale. In it, he and Carrie attempt to kiss near the boathouse in Central Park and end up in the lake.

“We had one take to do it,” Noth said. “There were so many great moments in the series of comedy. It was just a blast to do it.”

It remains unclear if Noth is participating in the upcoming reboot of the series, but we’ll just have to hope we have not seen the last of Mr. Big.


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