Celebrating The Trailblazing Black Women Shaping U.S. History In Real Time

The Four Percent


This week, “And THAT’S That” kicks off Women’s History Month with a discussion about trailblazing Black women, and we make sure to include the Black women shaping U.S. history in real time.

Republican governors in Texas and Mississippi recently announced they are ending face mask requirements in their states and allowing businesses to open at 100% capacity — even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage throughout the country.

Black communities have been among the hardest-hit by COVID-19. Many of them have been ignored in states’ haste to reopen, and very often, it has been Black women performing the essential work ― both professional and nonprofessional ― to keep these communities going. 

Similarly, Black women have been key in responding to recent infrastructure failures across the South, including a weekslong water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, after bitterly cold temperatures destroyed dozens of water mains and left thousands without access.

In this episode, hosts Taryn Finley, Shaquille Romblay and Ja’han Jones talk about Black women leading the charge during times of crisis and how best to celebrate women without burdening them with expectations that they are simply here to serve others.

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