Carl Reiner’s Daughter Tweets Final Dig At Donald Trump On Her Late Father’s Behalf

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Annie Reiner, the daughter of the late comedy legend Carl Reiner, tweeted criticism of President Donald Trump on her late father’s behalf on Friday.

“I will say one last thing for him,” the playwright, poet and author wrote on her dad’s account. “I know he would be disappointed not to have lived to see Trump’s eviction from the White House, to make America safe again for honor and truth. Please VOTE!”

Carl Reiner, who died at the age of 98 on Monday, frequently took Trump to task on the platform.

Just hours before he died, the “Dick Van Dyke Show” creator lamented the result of the 2016 election, describing the president as “a bankrupted and corrupt businessman.”

In 2018, Reiner even said he hoped to live until November 2020 “so I can vote for whoever runs against our fake President Trump.”

Annie Reiner on Friday also shared this photograph, taken of her father just two days before he died, wearing a top bearing the Black Lives Matter logo.

“As you can see he was happy and vital up to the very end. He will be sorely missed,” she wrote:

The actor had intended to tweet the image, his daughter revealed.

She later suggested people donate to the BLM movement in his memory:


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