Cameron Diaz Comes Out Of Retirement To Kick Your Ass In Virtual Brawl

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Years into her quasi-retirement from the screen, Cameron Diaz has made her long-awaited return to acting to punch us all collectively in the face ― and, honestly, at this point we’ll take it.

Forget that recent “Charlie’s Angels” reboot ― sincerest apologies to the KStew hive ― because two out of three stars of the famed action trio have united alongside a bunch of A-list actors and stuntwomen for the hashtag #BossBitchChallenge.

Featuring the talents of Diaz, her onetime co-star Drew Barrymore, Rosario Dawson, Margot Robbie, Scarlet Johansson, Rosie Perez, Florence Pugh, Halle Berry, Lucy Lawless, Zoe Saldana and many more, the video is the basically the most ambitious crossover event of lockdown.

Proving that celebrities can actually produce some good content in isolation, the supreme stuntwoman of our times, Zoe Bell, organized the all-out and all-female brawl for your viewing pleasure.

The “Death Proof” star kicks off the virtual fight with an all-too-relatable sentiment: “I’m so bored! I just want to play with my friends!” 

Then, in quick succession, each of the women punch, elbow and kick each other through the screen with help from some increasingly creative props thanks to the magic of video and sound editing.

Our favorite moment? Pugh hesitating breaking some precious quarantine wine over someone’s head and opting instead for a doggie chew toy. 

The video arrives after students from a French school dedicated to teaching stuntwork shared a viral clip of themselves trading blows in a similar fashion that’s since racked up millions of views. 

“So much fun to participate in @therealzoebell’s #BossBitchFightChallenge,” Diaz wrote over the weekend in a rare Instagram post alongside the video. “Fun way to fight boredom with some badass babes!”

Barrymore added that she was #proudtobewithalltheladies in a separate post. 

And speaking of “Charlie’s Angels,” there’s one action icon that was inexcusably not featured in the clip.

Lucy Liu, please contact your agent immediately. 


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