Alligators Fight On Golf Course’s 18th Hole. It Must Have Been A Tense Round.

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Something must have teed these two off.

Two alligators appeared to fight at the 18th hole of the Hilton Head Lakes golf course in Hardeeville, South Carolina.

“They would lay still for a few minutes, with their jaws locked on each other, and then try to roll or shake,” Matthew Proffitt, who originally shared the video, told Storyful.

The brawl lasted two hours, he said.

In the footage, the alligator on top can be seen chomping the head of its opponent, while the other gator clamped onto its foe’s front leg.

“Sudden death playoff on the 18 yesterday!” the golf course wrote with a video of the reptile ruffians on May 21. “Keep your eyes open out there, the course is full of wildlife!”

According to Roaring Earth, gators sometimes fight because they can be “quite territorial.”

Or maybe in this case one of them tried to take a gimme on the 18th hole and the other took umbrage.


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