Adam Sandler Pops Up In Pete Davidson’s ‘SNL’ Rap About Going Quarantine Crazy

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Pete Davidson starred in another one of his signature raps on the second at-home “Saturday Night Live,” this time about going crazy stuck at home.

The unshaven Davidson grouses about running out of TV shows to watch, avoiding his mom, and losing his mind during the endless lockdown at home because of COVID-19. “Stuck with my fam, I can’t get out,” he sings.

Then it’s off to the home and family of … Adam Sandler, in a surprise cameo, who wears underpants over his face and goofs that he’s too afraid to go to the hospital to get his broken leg checked. “I’m so bored I’m doin’ songs with Pete,” he sings.

Sandler was one of several surprise celeb appearances on “SNL,” in a new-and-much-improved at-home program with far more “ensemble” productions (though from separate homes), more gimmicks and art.

Rapper Bad Bunny played “Big Bunny” on a spoof cooking sketch. Former NBA legend and basketball commentator Charles Barkley and one-time “SNL” cast member Jason Sudeikis turned up on Kenan Thompson’s spoof BET musical talk show “What’s Up With That?” Thompson kept cutting off Barkley while DJ Khalid watched on video chat.

Actor Paul Rudd played himself in a sketch about his own stay-at-home weirdness. 

Check out Davidson and Sandler in the video up top, and Barkley, Sudeikis and Rudd in the videos here: 


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