30 Of The Worst Landlords Of All Time

The Four Percent


Attention tenants: RUN!!!!!!


This “Cookie Monster” by day, landlord by night 😏:

why did my landlord text me this to inform me he ate four of my chip ahoy cookies without permission while i am not home

Twitter: @fagshawty


This landlord who GOT 👏 THEIR 👏 11 👏 CENTS!!!!!!!! 👏


This landlord who saw regulating room temperature as a privilege few have earned:

Twitter: @alexmilsom


This landlord who valued their tenants’ safety above all else 😌 🙏 :

Discovered tonight that the carbon monixide alarm in our apartment hasn’t had a battery for the entire time we’ve lived here and that it was ‘plugged in’ to two slits my landlord had carved in the wall.


And lastly, I leave you with this possible solution to all your landlord problems:

Landlords be like “it’s an old building” alright then I’ll pay old rent, here’s 20 bucks it’s a fortune

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