26 Foods Non-Americans Are Seriously Grossed Out That Americans Actually Eat

The Four Percent


Yes, like every proud American I eat shredded cheese out of the bag at 3 a.m. This is true.

Welcome to another edition of things Americans do that make no sense to people around the world!

Today we’re dealing with food!


do americans really eat a bowl of chili as a meal like isn’t that a dip ?? i don’t understand


Do Americans really eat pasta with butter? Like just like that? It sounds so plain and bland?? Or am I missing out??


Okay do Americans really eat shredded cheese straight out of the package or is it just a meme


do americans really eat from paper plates because they don’t wanna do dishes? is that a true thing?


do americans actually eat peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches or is that just some inside joke u all have ??


do americans really eat sweet potato with marshmallows or is that just a myth we made up


Do americans actually eat their apples with peanutbutter and cinnamon?? That‘s such a weird combination? I am confused

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do americans actually eat shredded cheese at 3am? do you guys for real live like this?how is that even a haha funney relatable post? you ok?


So do Americans actually eat nachos with that weird cheese sauce (goo)? Is that considered normal?

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