2019 Was So Weird Jimmy Kimmel Made News Up And People Still Bought It

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Most people could agree that 2019 was a pretty eventful year ― so eventful, it seems, that people could believe just about anything happened.

To mark the end of what’s been a strange decade, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” aired an end-of-2019 edition of “Lie Witness News” on Monday. Kimmel’s team hit the streets to ask people about “a bunch of current events we made up.”

People were surprisingly keen to weigh in, often providing detailed accounts of events that did not actually happen ― including North and South Korea reuniting, the government shutting down because President Donald Trump couldn’t get McRibs, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway reopening the government with a bucket of McRibs, Kanye West stealing a mic from Greta Thunberg on stage at a climate rally and Trump making friendship bracelets with the Taliban at Camp David.

Watch the video above for some recaps of events that never happened this year.


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